Cacti & Succulent Store is a child project of CactusLove, the not-for-profit online resource on cacti and other succulents. It is a trading platform that connects sellers and buyers in order to let our fellow cactus lovers worldwide buy or sell cacti, succulents, and accessories for cultivation in homes or commercial nursery settings.

For years, people made deals to buy or sell through the forum, but today, this trading format is no longer effective or convenient either for buyers or for sellers, which is why we decided to create a fully functional trading platform.

Since CactusLove remains committed to its primary mission, which is the popularization of cacti and other succulents, the new trading platform Cacti & Succulent Store is completely free to all buyers and small-scale sellers out there who sell their plant and seed surpluses strictly not for profit, but only to recover some of the costs of pursuing their interest in the plants.


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